Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vote for my new art entry!!

Happy new year everyone!
Hope all is well.

Just want 5 seconds of your time to check out this entry that I made, and rate it Please.

You can vote once a day, and it would help a lot.
Idk where I'm ranked since I joined in the very last minute.
But it's fun to do these things. I think it helps me figure out where I'm at in life by asking me to simply write a short paragraph of myself.
I wish I could have put in more art entries, but I'm kinda poor and they charge 10 bucks for each entry, so I chose the ones that best fit me as a self-portrait.

The Flippin' the Bird One is of me wearing a dress I designed for the iSCREAMgarbage line. I chose that image because for almost 10 years, I've been working on this project/line with my friend Rebekah. I'm her lead artist, and model. I also contribute my mind and thoughts to the iSg blog on Weds. (So check that out)

The 100 Years Old is basically me in the future, and how awesome it's going to be. I've loved penguins for God knows how long, and I still don't know why. I think they are little aliens from outer space that just accidently crash landed into the Antarctic and thought it was a pretty cool place to chill. ha get it? chill? =p

The Split Thoughts One Heart is just another version of how I function. I seem to have a weird wishy-washy mentality-Some may say unstable. But in the end, I tend to follow my heart, cos I feel that it's the only thing pure inside me. My brain is too fucked up. Take me to the kittens!

Ps: Also if you haven't... try to donate some money to Haiti. I'm poor but I was still able to. I know there's a lot of poverty/corruption in this world, but Idk, it felt really good to do something that's going to make a difference in somebody else's life. I hope that country will one day be stable...It's tough. Idk life is tough. But we can make it happen. :)