Wednesday, January 9, 2008

this is what happens when you don't draw for four months straight...

sorry for the late update..
busy working and taking kung-fu!

here's a caricature of me self.
from the day of the dead bike ride..


Leonardo Alannis said...

sup girl

Steve says wazzap by the way.

I did those in cool-erase.

How are the streets of Paris?

arlo ramz said...

steve who? theis? sorry bad with names. but goood with faces (-=

Paris was awesome.
still go to csun?

Don Does Dallas! said...

Hey thanks for the comment! I am gonna add u to my links :)


arlo ramz said...

added you too


Paul Wee said...

Hey Arlyne! Nice to see you blog! Good work! Keep jammin'

Si-Hing Paul

Stuart Livingston said...

Sick makeup dude. Looks fantastic! When did you go to Paris btw? (Just read previous commentz).

Glad to see an update, too!

EL GRANDE said...

Cool blog. Work those drawing muscles:)

Joe y Elio

Stephanie R. said...

Dude thats tight!
Nice work!

Gary Clair said...

Hey Arlo! Glas to see you're still drawing! Keep it up! You're Doing all the right things!! I'm not at the academy that much anymore, but i'll try to stop by!!